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Everything is working, but the motor is spinning in reverse! What's the fix?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Although it's not common, sometimes a brushless motor can be found to spin in reverse after powering up. This is not a major issue because it can be fixed fairly quickly and easy.

The Fix

Before beginning, make sure everything is completely turned off by removing the battery from the model. After accessing the brushless motor, you will find that it has three wires coming out of it which are those that plug to the matching electric speed controller (ESC). Keep in mind that three wires are standard with brushless motors. To revert the motor's rotation, swap two of the three wires. Remember that this is an exception because for this step you do not have to follow the color coding of the wires. It wont matter which of the three wires are swapped, just as long as it's done with two of them. Once you have done this, properly start up the model again and make sure the motor is rotating correctly.

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